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About Xinxiang Medical University.

A provincial public medical University, Xinxiang Medical University has been in operation since 1950 and been granted recognition by the WHO since 1958. Located in Xinxiang City, the University lies north of Yellow River and faces the Taihang Mountain in the south. Beijing-Guangzhou,Beijing-Zhuhai Railway and Xinxiang-He Railway all meet Xinxiang City, which lies at 113 degrees east longitude and 36 degrees north latitude, 90 kilometers from Zhengzhou International Airport. The university was built on a profound cultural inheritance with a long history which predecessor can be traced back to the Western Medical Clinic by a British Missionary in 1896. Totally there are over 43727 students,among them there are 12486 undergraduates, 564 postgraduates, 15222 adult education students,16 foreign students. Presently there are 8366 staff including 939 professionals, among them there are 300 more teachers honored as national candidates of “New Century Project for Training Hundreds of Thousands of Persons with Ability and Innovation”, National State Subsides, National Excellent Teacher etc.

About Sanquan Medical College.

Sanquan Medical College was founded in 2003. It focuses mainly on medical education together with the harmonious development of education on literature, science, engineering and management. By sticking to three guidelines for the college management—“meeting the social needs, practicing quality-oriented education and cultivating medical talents in an all-round way” and highlighting the school-running characteristics, “Sanquan” has become a new-type college with characteristics and advantages of its own.

About Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

In 1985, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University began enrolling overseas students, and since then as an overseas education body, the International Education College (IEC) has conducted training at all levels to nearly 5000 students from over 50 countries and regions. At present, about 500 students from nearly 20 countries and regions are under their study of the following programs respectively: Short-term Advanced Study Program, Chinese Language Study Program, Diploma Program, Undergraduate Bachelor Degree Program, Postgraduate Master Degree Program and Postgraduate Doctor Degree Program. IEC has advanced teaching and administration facilities, including classrooms, clinic demonstration rooms, multimedia rooms, entertainment rooms, dormitory and canteen. Besides we have many good teachers who can give lessons in English. The College has16 affiliated hospitals. We believe these all can provide a sound condition for the studying and living of our students.

About Bohai University For International Students.

Bohai University (BU), which was established in February 1950, is a comprehensive university administered by Liaoning Province government. BU is located in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China. Jinzhou is a seaside city with long history and cultural tradition. BU covers a total land area of 2,000 Chinese mu (approximately equaling 1,333,333 square meters), and its floor area totals over 500,000 square meters. BU has established 16 sub-level colleges administering 44 programs for bachelor's degree and programs for associate degree. BU owns 16 programs for Level-1 master's degree, 71 programs for Level-2 master's degree, and 5 programs for professional master's degree, and such programs range from philosophy to economics, laws, education, humanities, history, science, engineering, management and arts. There are now more than 24,400 postgraduates and full-time college students.At present, there are 1,200 professional teachers, among whom are 200 professors and nearly 500 doctor's degree holders. Among the professional teachers, there are nearly 100 persons who have been awarded province-level or state-level titles, including a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the only scientist who has been acknowledged as one of the most influential scientists in the world. Changjiang Scholars, "National Hundred-level, Thousand-level and Ten-thousand-level Talents", Outstanding Talents for Ministry of Education's Support Plans, Liaoning Province's Diligently-working Scholars, Liaoning Province's Outstanding Experts, Outstanding Talents for Liaoning Province's Support Plan, Liaoning Province's Project of Hundred-level, Thousand-level and 10-thousand Level Talents, Province-level Outstanding Talents in Science and Technology, Province-level Famous Teachers, Province-level Professional Academic Leaders, Province-level Outstanding Teachers, etc.

About North China University Of Water Resources & Electric Power.

North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power(NCWU; Code:10078) was founded in 1951 first by the name of Beijing Institute of Water Resources and Electric Power in Beijing under the administration of the Ministry of Water Resources and Power Industry. The school changed its name to North China Institute of Water Resources and Electric Power in 1978 and was relocated to Zhengzhou City, Henan Province in 1990. Since the year 2000, it has been jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Water Resources and Henan provincial government and primarily administrated by Henan Province. In 2013, the school was renamed as North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power. NCWU is an engineering-oriented comprehensive full-time public university covering academic faculties of science, engineering, agriculture, management, economics, liberal arts and law. It mainly enrolls full-time undergraduate and full-time postgraduate students, it trains students for 3-year diploma as well.

Authorized Universities

Director Malik Jaleel Ahmad Thaheem Receiving Authorization
Letter From Director Of North China University

Director Malik Jaleel Ahmad Thaheem Receiving Authorization
Letter From Director Of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Director Malik Jaleel Ahmad Thaheem Receiving Authorization
Letter From Director Of Bohai University

Director Malik Jaleel Ahmad Thaheem Receiving Authorization
Letter From Director Of Xinxiang Medical University


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Bohai University For International Students
Address:19 Keji Road,Songshan District,Jinzhou,Liaoning,121013,P.R.China.
North China University Of Water
Resources & Electric Power
Address:Building S4,Room 201 West,No.1,Higher Education Park,Jinshui
East Road,Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,P.R.China.450046
Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
Address:Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
548 Bin Wen RoadBinjiang Dist.Hangzhou
,Zhejiang Province P.R.China(PC:310053)
Xinxiang Medical University
AddressForeign Affairs Office, Xinxiang Medical University,Henan 453003, P. R. China
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